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Okoroha Videos

Introduction from Dr.Okoroha

How is Dr. Okoroha Helping with the Opioid Crisis While Effectively Managing Your Pain?

What Is My Role As An Official Team Physician?

What is Hip Impingement (FAI Syndrome)

Henry Ford Center For Athletic Medicine

Patrick Mahomes Injury - An outside and inside look on Patella Dislocations

Contemporary Management of the Hip Capsule During Hip Arthroscopy

Hip Pain and Femoroacetabular Impingement with The Prehab Guys and Dr. Okoroha

Henry Ford Minneapolis Pistons Performance Center

Time Between ACL Reconstruction and RTS Does Not Predict Need for Revision Surgery in NFL Players

What a Shoulder Dislocation Looks Like on the Inside

The Opioid Epidemic. Risk factors for continued Opioid use Following Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

What does a Patella (Knee Cap) Dislocation look like?