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  • I was having extreme pain in my left hip and decided to make an appointment after enduring it for over a year. Dr. Okoroha had examined me and made a suggestion to administer a cortisone shot in my hip to subside my pain. The pain did go away but returned after 8 months. When I returned, Dr. Okoroha suspended that I may have a tear or two and ordered x-rays immediately. As he’d suspected, I had a gluteal and ladrum tear in my left hip. He arranged for me to have surgery and was expedient with my cares and concerns about the surgery. The day of the surgery, Dr. Okoroha assured me of what he would be doing and made me feel comfortable and safe. My surgery was successful along with my recovery... Dr. Okoroha did an excellent job with assessing my needs and a greater job in providing professional medical care!! Thank you.
    By - ChizaMoniQue W
    19-Apr-2021 10:53 PM
  • Great surgeon!! I had a shoulder stabilization and there was no brushing no bleeding of the Incision and perfect straight line. The staff and the office are amazing. Dee(one of the nurses) called and texted me to check on me. Great personal care. Full recovery and no issues with my shoulder. Definitely recommend!!!!
    By - Nathan W
  • The best and most professional medical doctor I have spoken to. I had a broken collarbone about five months ago, someone from his office got in touch with me and helped me with all necessary appointments for surgery and post surgery. Unlike other surgeons, Dr Okoroha kept in touch with me until I got the surgery, and made sure I got all the help post-surgery. I definitely recommend him. The picture below is before and only 8 days after surgery and the bone was already healing.
    By - Ali S
  • The scariest part about rupturing my pectoral tendon was finding an orthopedic surgeon with experience in repairing this specific type of injury. Very few surgeons do this surgery. My injury happened while bench pressing. As a R.N and a bodybuilder, I am extra selective when it comes to who I want fixing my body when it gets injured or ill. Dr. Okohora is incredibly talented and has expertise in repairing ruptured pectoral muscles and tendons. He did excellent work on me and referred me to a physical therapist who is also the best prepared with recovering this injury in other athletes. Four months later I’m fully healed and lifting again. I really appreciate that I could resume bodybuilding.
    By - Anthony D
  • Dr. Okoroha is by far the greatest doctor I’ve encountered. He’s very talented and so inspirational. I was honored to have him as my orthopedic surgeon. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an orthopedic doctor and wish him well on his journey!! #Detroit !!!!!!
    By - Anonymous
  • Dr. Okoroha is absolutely GREAT! He's hand down the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever met! My son had 2 reconstructive knee surgeries in the same year. Dr. O did an amazing job! No complaints, and no complications. He prepared my son for GREATNESS! Thank you Dr. O!!!
    By - Tyyonna C
  • Though my distal bicep rupture was a traumatic and potentially life changing injury, Dr. Okoroha's skills were demonstrated to their fullest as he reconstructed the damaged tendon/bone interface. No complications were encountered post-operative and after the prescribed healing period, I achieved full range of motion after only 6 weeks of PT. The strength in my arm continues to improve (seven months post-operative)and I am very pleased with the outcome. I can only say thank you to Dr. Okoroha and am very thankful he was my surgeon.
    By - Mel H
  • I was looking to have my left shoulder looked at due to issues with it dislocating all the time. I was referred to the offices of Dr. Okoroha. After some tests were ran on my shoulder I was called into the office it was there where he explained Thoroughly what my issue was and how to solve it. I ended up having surgery and on the day of surgery I was feeling kind of nervous and afraid that was when he was able to put my mind at ease and I knew I was in good hands. 4 months out and I feel better than I ever did. I am very grateful for Dr. Okoroha and his team.
    By - Earl K
  • We had an excellent experience with Dr. Okoroha throughout the overall process for my son's ACL reconstruction. The only negative I could offer is that our time was cut short as he and his skills are in such high demand that Mayo came calling. ;)

    All aspects of interaction with Dr. Okoroha and his team were superlative. Dee (initial and primary point of contact) was just amazing, proactively reaching out and ensuring that we had whatever was needed. The time between the injury and getting the Dr.'s hands on the the knee was measured in minutes and hours (fast!). His bedside manner was exactly what was needed, and as a former elite athlete, he gave us confidence that he knew and respected what our priorities were (injury occurred less than one week prior to senior year season opening).

    The surgery itself was event-free, and the post-op directions and check-ins were smooth throughout. He is about to 'return to sport' and then we'll put the Dr.'s handiwork to the real test, but besides not having had the injury at all, there is really nothing that we would change; this was making the best of a terrible situation. Much appreciation to the Dr. and his team.

    By - Aash M
  • Dr. Okoroha is the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever worked with. His caring and professional approach was very helpful after I ruptured my ACL in 2020. Dr Okoroha took the time to lay out my options, answer any questions and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. His pain management philosophy (non-narcotic) was also an incredibly positive experience, and I had less pain after this surgery than any other orthopedic procedure I have ever had. He and his team followed up consistently to ensure I was recovering effectively, and 6 months after surgery I am now able to resume many of the activities I had to stop after my injury. He is highly recommended!
    By - Mike L
  • Dr. Okoroha is absolutely amazing. He is without a question, the best orthopedic surgeon that I have come across. I had a completely torn rotator cuff and I was very hesitant about having surgery. However, from my first encounter with Dr. Okoroha he made me feel safe with my decision to have surgery, he explained everything thoroughly, and I could tell that he genuinely cared about his patients. My surgery was a success and my road to recovery has been wonderful. I absolutely miss him in Michigan but if I ever had to get another surgery - I would gladly catch a plane to get to him that's how great he is! I highly recommend him for your hip, knee, or shoulder.
    By - Stacey P
  • Dr. Okoroha performed surgery on my son’s shoulder in November of 2020. He repaired a torn subscapularis, cleaned scar tissue, removed bone fragments and reset the bicep on my sons right shoulder. He was extremely thorough and the surgery was a success! We are looking forward to seeing my son stronger than he has been in years this coming football season.
    By - Trisha B
  • Dr O makes you feel very well cared for...and truly does! Great follow up from his office staff as well.
    By - John H
  • Honestly, I don’t know where to start. Getting that confirmation news after I had an MRI, knowing I tore both my ACL and Meniscus, I was so sad. Because I’ll not be playing soccer again for a while, but Dr. Okoroha assured me I’ll be fine, better, and stronger; and back to playing the sport I love after I had the surgery. All thanks to Dr. Okoroha; not just the surgery was a success, but every single step leading up to the surgery had a positive outcome, from my first office visit to the last visit before he left for Minnesota. So far PT has been very helpful and productive; I'm just getting better and stronger with every passing day. All kudos to Dr. I!! Long story short, Dr. Okoroha takes extreme care of his patients! Thank you again, Doc! May God continue to bless, guide, and protect you as you give hope and bring smiles to the faces of your patients! 🙏🏽🙌🏾💪🏾
    By - Louis U
  • Dr. Okoroha is an absolute professional. He diagnosed and throughly explained my complex knee issues. He performed a 2nd ACL reconstruction (25 years post original), fixed my torn meniscus and replaced cartilage. Other doctors had told me there was nothing that could be successful at my age...of 42. His recovery plan was simple and easy to follow. 4 months post surgery, my knee feels great. I swimming, biking and starting to run again! I am so thankful to Dr. Okoroha. He is a rockstar!
    By - Erin H
  • Dr. Kelechi R. Okoroha is a very skilled and knowledgeable sports medicine surgeon. In September 2020, I unexpectedly tore both pectoralis majors (left and right chest muscles). I was originally scheduled to undergo each surgical repair individually; however based upon his assessment we decided to do BOTH at the same time; which was unheard of! October 7, 2020 we made history! I had Bilateral Pectoral Tear Repair Surgery! My surgery was completed in 3.5 hours! Dr. Okoroha has both knowledge and surgical finesse. I am recovering well with full range of motion. If you’re looking for a talented and passionate surgeon give Dr. Okoroha a call! You won’t be disappointed!
    By - Anonymous
  • I was referred to Dr. Okoroha after a meniscus tear. He performed a partial meniscectomy and repair. I'm 10 weeks out from surgery and couldn't be happier! I feel great and am finally able to be active again. Dr. Okoroha was very kind and informative. He always made sure all my questions were answered.
    By - Anna S
  • Amazing doctor, he actually gives the attention and time to explain everything.
    By - Moe A
  • I had ACL repair in Texas about a year ago. I worked hard in PT but was never able to fully extend or bend my knee. Dr. Okoroha saw that a screw was preventing my knee joint from working properly. He explained the procedure and took the time to answer any questions and calm any fears i felt. Since surgery, i am finally back to completing Pure Barre classes! My range of motion is close to 100% Dr. Okoroha will be repairing my husbend's rotator cuff next week.
    I highly recommend Dr. Okoroha.
    By - Liz B
  • I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Okoroha and his staff! After dislocating my shoulder on 7 different occasions, i finally looked into having my shoulder examined by a professional. After a few consultations with Dr. Okoroha, i dicided to move forward with having shoulder surgery. It was the best decision that i could have made. My shoulder feels 100% better and i am confident that my injury will no longer happen again. My confidence during physical activities has increased and i am excited to be involved in sports again. Dr. Okoroha is extremely professional and was very supportive through my recovery process. He made the process simple and was able to explain the complexity of my procedure in a very clear and understandable way. I would highly recommend him for any operation that one may need.
    By - Richard B
  • I went to Dr Okoroha with severe pain in my right hip which put me out of work. Dr Okoroha explained my problem to me and what needed to be done and got me into surgery quickly. It’s been 5 months since my surgery and I am able to do all the things I was able to do before my injury. I am very satisfied with the care I received from doctor and his nurses. My condition was torn gluteus medius and minimus.
    By - Tammy W
  • Dr. Okoroha, is by far the best!!! Excellent excellent excellent experience.
    By - Lady G
  • Trusted and excellent surgeon.
    By - Benedict N
  • I was having really bad hip pain and had seen 2 other physicians. A friend of mine told me that their recent ACL repair was done by Dr. Okoroha and he was shocked by the bed side manors of Dr. Okoroha as well as the short healing time. I decided to give Dr. Okoroha a try reluctantly. After meeting with him, getting x-rays done and meeting a second time, it was confirmed that I needed surgery. I went ahead and scheduled with the physician. The surgery went without a hitch but I was highly impressed that Dr. Okoroha called me Christmas morning, one day after my surgery, to ensure I was feeling okay. Really made me smile. I waited until I felt 100% to write this review and save to say I do! He’s an exceptional surgeon!! Very grateful for the recommendation. I will refer all of my friends. Thank you
    By - Anonymous
    07-May-2020 11:21 AM
  • Thank you for your help in a rough time in my life, with prayer and professional skilled people like you an your staff,You helped me get back to normal. Thank you
    By - Nelson L
    07-May-2020 11:21 AM
  • My experience with Dr. Okoroha was fantastic. From the 1st meeting all the way through the PT following the surgery. The surgery was a complete success. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Okoroha .
    By - Gary D
    10-Mar-2020 05:48 AM
  • Well taken care of !
    By - Anonymous
    07-May-2020 11:21 AM
  • He’s an exceptional surgeon!! Very grateful for the recommendation. I will refer all of my friends.
    By - Anonymous
    07-May-2020 11:21 AM
  • Trusted and excellent surgeon.
    By - Anonymous
    07-May-2020 11:21 AM
  • Dr. Okoroha, is by far the best!!! Excellent excellent excellent experience.
    By - Anonymous
    07-May-2020 11:21 AM

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